Top 10 Tyckled Techie List!

tyckledtales_introGuest post by Karen of Tyckled Tales

Today is my first guest post on The Playroom! The team has been very open to the different topics that I’ll be sharing here, so I am excited to start today with my “Top 10 Tyckled Techie List” for new, expecting parents.

This is also just a perfect fit for me since Tyckled Tales is all about helping today’s new parents navigate through the early stages of parenthood… and well, you’re here reading this online, just like the 73 milion other moms online, so I hope you’ll find something here you never knew about before!

What are your tech favorites?


Baby Registering

1)Baby List: Forget registering at multiple stores and multiple logins online. Do it all through Baby List and go beyond the traditional baby essentials – register for dog walking services if you need or a meal train! Get creative.

Baby Naming

2) BellyBallot: Don’t know what name to go with and you want to leverage your friends? Give this a shot. Even Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, wanted to crowd source her son’s name – which I still have no idea what his name is… anyone know??

Stylish Eco-friendly Diapers and Family Cleaning Products:

3) Honest Company: First, the team behind Honest Company is an all-star one, literally. There’s Jessica Alba, who is just one of the many, including Brian Lee (famous in the tech world) and Christopher Gavigan (former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World).

I love that they’ve taken traditional baby and family essentials, made them stylish to fit today’s parents’ tastes but also craft each product with assurance that these are safe for everyone in your family. Additionally, it’s a subscription. You sign up, give them your billing information, and they deliver what you want according to the frequency you choose. No more last minute freak outs to buy diapers, which many new moms have told me about!

Kid Activity Boxes:

4) Citrus Lane

5) Kiwi Crate

Both are great services that do subscription membership, in which they send you a box of goodies every month that meet your kids’ age. This way, you never run out of things to do with them!

Online Sites for Moms 

6) Pinterest: I don’t think I have to say much here, but it’s great for curating all your favorite things across the web – whether it’s designing your nursery or finding baby prep information! Visual online bookmarking. Here’s mine for Tyckled Tales.

7) Circle of Moms: Go here for real live mom input as it’s the modern day social network for moms. You can ask any questions you want at 2 a.m. and there’s probably a ton of other moms around to help you find what you need.

Cool Kids Tech Gear Blog

8) Cool Mom Tech: Online roundups on tech gear for moms and kids. I find it’s a lot of mobile and tablet apps since we’re all glued to our devices these days, but if that’s an area of interest to you, check it out.


9) Wittlebee: Okay, yes, there’s a theme going on here… subscription services… but for clothes. Wittlebee understands your styles for your little one, what age group they are and then sends you boxes of curated clothes that fit your style. Nice and easy, and who doesn’t like packages in the mail?

10) Fawn and Forest: They’ve got everything cool and modern in one online shop with great S&H policies. I see it as my Shopbop for all things baby.


Karen is the voice behind Tyckled Tales, the new blog for the modern, new and expecting parent as she navigates through the early stages of parenthood and searches for the best baby products available. Interesting enough, Karen doesn’t actually have a kid yet, but she believes parenthood is the most important journey one will ever go through. On her blog, she shares her experience helping her pregnant friends plan for parenthood in hopes that today’s new parents can learn from her experiences and apply it to their own processes. She contributes weekly on The Playroom and you can find her on Twitter and Facebook.