Introducing… Tyckled Tales!

tyckledtales_introToday, we have a special feature on Karen To of Tyckled Tales, a new blog that just launched a month ago.

Karen most recently left a longtime career in Corporate America to completely switch it up and enter the world of blogging out of pure passion for helping today’s parents plan for parenthood.

But get this… Karen doesn’t even have a kid yet! However, what she’s done is absolutely wonderful for all new parents to read. I know we’re loving it over here, especially her Tyckled Baby List – a dramatically simpler way to guide new parents on how to research and buy what they need.

When you look at her blog, you can’t help but appreciate the time she’s put behind the layout and content to create an experience that will keep you coming back for more.She talks about this in a recent post, and we’ve recently spent time with her to learn more about the site and what she’s doing.

Also, some other big news:

  • Karen will soon post regularly on The Playroom, so stay tuned, and follow her at @tyckledtales or on Facebook. She’ll have some interesting goodies to announce soon, so trust us, you’ll want to be in the know.
  • Our very own MDB creative director Tracy is also featured on Tyckled Tales today for a two part crib 101 series. It’s definitely a great read for all parents trying to understand how to pick a crib, and there’s no one better than Tracy to dish it.

What is Tyckled Tales?

I can’t believe it… but I only launched Tyckled Tales a month ago this week!

I created Tyckled Tales to be a blog for today’s new or expecting parents, who want to figure out the best products they should be thinking about during the early stages of parenthood.

This means all the things related to baby gear (your stroller, car seat and carriers), everything in your nursery (all the lovely furnishings that MDB is about!) and your playtime gear, baby essentials… and of course, we cannot leave out the cute baby clothes.

The basis of Tyckled Tales is me sharing my experience helping my friends Julia and Chad, who are expecting their first baby in November, go through this process. Julia was naturally overwhelmed in the beginning, so I volunteered to help her research and buy the best baby products that meet their needs.

It’s a lot of “stuff,” but everything you’re doing to plan for parenthood is so important yet the process like a ton of bricks just hit you. So I hope to make it easier for parents by showing them what we did for Julia and Chad.

I know this is a lot, especially for someone who doesn’t have a kid, but I love what I am doing and know that I am creating something meaningful… so that’s very exciting for me!

Why do this without actually having a kid yet?

I get that all the time, and it’s quite simple for me.

I believe being a parent is the most important thing you’ll ever go through. And every parent always wants what’s best for his or her child. They will do whatever it takes. Whether you are a parent already or not, you know your time is limited. And the moment you need to start figuring out what you need for your baby, it’s confusing to say the least. How do you know what’s best, who to trust, where to go, and how to buy?

So I figured, why not solve for a problem I know I would face some day and make it something I know many of today’s parents can benefit from?

What does Tyckled Tales do that makes it unique?

It’s a combination of 3 things: perspective, The Mommy Experts and content.

Not having a kid yet and doing this makes the blog pretty unique already but also more compelling because I offer a unique perspective of showing how there’s a discrepancy in what the modern parent / parent-to-be is looking for versus what exists today to guide them. You can read about how lost (and frustrated!) I was trying to go through a store and find help or how hard it was trying to find a baby essentials list online with actionable information. My perspective and experiences are authentic, and it’s something I think today’s new parents can relate to.

The Mommy Experts on Tyckled Tales are also absolutely amazing. I’ve been fortunate enough to form a panel of 6 real moms (and more to come!) with different backgrounds and parenting experiences. They’ve “been there, done that” and actively work with me along the process of making baby product recommendations. I take what they recommend, do my own research, and can come up with the top choices that meet Julia and Chad’s needs.

All this lends itself to content I am proud of, and every day is a new learning experience for me, which plays out as content for the blog. For example, because of my failed experience of trying to find a useful baby checklist, I was able to leverage The Mommy Experts’ insights and my own research to come up with The Tyckled Baby List as something easier for parents to follow on what they need with best practices and actual steps to take.

Additionally, you’ll see me not only share my experiences but also feature topics that will be useful to new parents outside of just what products you need to get ready. For example, I’ll be addressing topics for some reason no one talks enough about –what essentials you need to deal with postpartum recovery or the 4th trimester. These are posts based on the knowledge I’ve collected from parents or will come from subject-matter experts, e.g. my Mommy Expert talking about carriers or Tracy from MDB talking about cribs.

What happens next aer Julia and Chad?

I feel like it’s been such a unique experience working with Julia and Chad, and I’m so appreciative of them allowing me to be a part of their journey. Their baby boy is due at the end of November, so after he arrives, we’ll likely feature posts on how those baby products are working out. This way, readers can really track the progress of each recommendation, but I definitely want Tyckled Tales to keep living beyond Julia and Chad. They are just the beginning, so you’ll see more expecting couples of all types being introduced soon to share their experiences – just stay tuned!