bon weekend!

Wow! What a week! Between the election, the aftermath of Sandy, preparation for next week’s Nursery Trends 2013 event, and our MDB quarterly meetings, we’re really glad it’s Friday! Here are some things we found this week that we think you’ll love too…

-Yes, Victoria. We could live here too.

-Did you catch President Obama’s Election Night speech?

-This made our jaws drop

-Great advice for keeping sibling squabbling down!

-The coolest art exhibit we’ve seen in a while (if only we were in SF)

-On dining out with a toddler

-Corporate Logos if Comic Sans was the only option…

- Our favorite nursery of the week (click through and you’ll see why)

-Great ways to help Sandy Victims

-Mini Marquee Lights! Love!

-We (still) Love NYC too.

-Aren’t Grandpas the best?


We hope you have a great weekend!