From Tyckled Tales: Planning for Parenthood and Using the Tyckled Baby List

tyckledtales_introGuest post by Karen of Tyckled Tales

In my last Q&A on The Playroom, I spoke a little about The Tyckled Baby List, and I thought I’d spend more time talking about how to use it.

Let’s just first paint a common scenario.

You’re pregnant. Hooray!

Everyone is happy, you’re excited, and then it’s time to prepare.

You realize that now you have to buy a lot of “stuff” a.k.a. baby products.  Strollers, car seats, cribs, gliders, breast pumps, baby monitor, and the list goes on . . . and on. And then it hits you. “Do I buy this all now???? Crap. Where do I start?”

When I started helping my pregnant friend Julia research what baby products she needed, this is exactly what I went through, except I sort of had a freak out along the way too. But trust me, that won’t happen to you if you use The Tyckled Baby List!

I basically spoke with moms and realized there are strategies and tips on how to tackle this daunting task, and I created The Tyckled Baby List with each of their feedback in mind. I’ll walk you through each of them today.

Tip #1: Planning for parenthood takes a lot of time. Work backwards from your due date.

At first, you are overwhelmed to say the least, where you don’t even know where to begin or how to think about this. Working backwards makes it easier.

  • Schedule your baby shower 1-2 months prior to your due date
  • Complete your baby essentials / registry at least 4 weeks before your shower

This gives you a timeline, and from there, you can map out next steps. 

Tip #2: Research your baby essentials by focusing on top priority items that are most research-intensive and work your way down. 

The baby essentials you need range from strollers all the way down to nasal aspirators. It’s a lot.

The best advice is to not get lost in the details right away. Focus on the bigger items that are most important because your baby will be using them so much, and they tend to be the highest investment pieces that you’ll buy in terms of baby products. Just don’t kill yourself right now figuring out the audio quality of your baby monitor. Research the stroller that best performs to meet your lifestyle needs.

The Tyckled Baby List breaks down all the baby products under the following categories, and this is the order in which to start researching from top down.

  • Baby Gear
  • Baby Nursery
  • Baby Playtime
  • Baby Essentials
  • Baby Clothes

Tip #3: Don’t buy anything now until after the baby shower. Focus your time on creating your essentials/registry list, then buy what you didn’t receive from your baby shower.

I think what makes the planning for parenthood process overwhelming is this rush of urgency that you need everything right away – from the moment you find out you’re pregnant. Then next thing you know, you have 9 months of dealing with pregnancy, seeing your house filled with baby products, and then returns because have too much stuff in your house that you don’t need.

Take it easy.

Save yourself the energy and space – both physically and mentally – and just utilize your time now to do your homework. Know that many people will gift you things at your shower, so you don’t want unnecessary extras and then have to deal with returns.

What’s additionally worth mentioning is, some parents may not want to even get everything right away after the baby is born. Some just want to know what the core baby products are that you need DAY ONE when you’re bringing home a newborn.

The Tyckled Baby List gets this all and calls this out for you. It also highlights what parents will heavily rely on during the 4th trimester. And I’m sure many of you just went, “Wait, there are only three trimesters.” Actually, that’s not true according to renowned pediatrician and author of “The Happiest Baby,” Dr. Harvey Karp, who was recently interviewed on Rhubie and Rhett.

In speaking to so many moms, I constantly received feedback that the 4th trimester is real but something no one speaks enough about. I definitely put this into consideration while developing The Tyckled Baby List, and I’ll be writing more about it more on my blog Tyckled Tales.

Go download The Tyckled Baby List and let us know what you think!

Karen is the voice behind Tyckled Tales, the new blog for the modern, new and expecting parent as she navigates through the early stages of parenthood and searches for the best baby products available. Interesting enough, Karen doesn’t actually have a kid yet, but she believes parenthood is the most important journey one will ever go through. On her blog, she shares her experience helping her pregnant friends plan for parenthood in hopes that today’s new parents can learn from her experiences and apply it to their own processes. She contributes weekly on The Playroom and you can find her on Twitter and Facebook.