A Good Thing: Chinese New Year Traditions

From our Creative Director, Tracy LIN

My family loves to celebrate! Birthdays (we do it up like we are 21 every year!), hitting sales goals, weddings, engagements, thanksgiving, Christmas, the works. And at each event, the 15 of us who live in LA all get together; it’s really so much fun! I know how special these are as I’m getting older.

Chinese New Year is a favorite time to celebrate; every year represents something different. The year of the dragon which just ended on February 9th was another great year…I got engaged and married in the year of the dragon!

Now that I’m married, Chinese New Year takes on a whole new meaning. As a married couple, we give out red envelopes to the younger generation. I’m now an official adult!  Here’s the red envelope I gave out and am still giving out; my last name LIN is nicely printed in gold on the envelope.


Flowers around the house-these are fragrant and pretty specific to Chinese New Year.


Food is an important part of our New Year celebrations. The most intense dish to make (the 8 treasures dish) literally takes 3 days to prepare and about 5 mins to eat! Good thing is it is also vegetarian! CNY_03Now the table’s set-it’s time to eat (FINALLY)!