Embrace Space: Bravado Designs + Nursery Works, Part One

EmbraceSpace_01We’re excited to partner with Project Nursery and Bravado Designs in support of Bravado’s “Embrace Space” campaign that celebrates the release of the all-new Essential Embrace Nursing Bra. Bravado has been working for over three years to develop their new Essential Embrace Nursing Bra designed specifically for supportive mama comfort throughout pregnancy and nursing. Any product that makes mamas look and feel amazing is a win in our book!


So what is an “Embrace Space” and what does it have to do with Nursery Works?

Just like the Essential Embrace Nursing bra promotes comfort and a feeling of support, an Embrace Space is a comfortable and supportive area in the home where mama and baby can retreat to nurse. Nursery Works offers a variety of perfect rocker options that make for a stylish AND comfortable Embrace Space. And the GOOD news is that together with Bravado Designs and Project Nursery we’re GIVING AWAY a Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker! Entry opens July 22 and closes July 28; enter HERE.