Emily and Ryan 4 Drawer Dresser Recall

Dear Valued MDB Customer,

In our continuous effort to be the safest baby company in the world, we are constantly updating, amending, and improving our products so that parents like yourselves are receiving the safest and best quality products.

In a study done by Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio, furniture tip overs have increased 41% from 1990 to 2007 and an average of 14,700 injuries related to furniture tip overs occur every year. Through the proper use of dressers and installing the right safety mechanisms, most of these injuries could have been prevented.

The MDB Family wants to lead the industry in eliminating these accidents by providing the best anti tip kits both in all of our dressers currently in production as well as retroactively for all dressers that we have sold in the past. As an industry leader, we want to show that these are simple fixes that have a tremendous effect on the safety of the children that sleep in our cribs everyday.

Thank you for your continuous support!

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Affected Products

Only dressers purchased between 2006-2010 are affected.

  • M4712 Emily 4 Drawer Dresser
  • M4722 Emily 4 Drawer Dresser
  • M4732 Emily II 4 Drawer Dresser
  • M4742 Emily 4 Drawer Dresser
  • M4733 Ryan 4 Drawer Dresser

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Recall Information

Click here for the CPSC press release

Safety Recall

Million Dollar Baby (MDB)
Emily 4-Drawer Dresser
Ryan 4-Drawer Dresser
Model Numbers M4712, M4722, M4732, M4733, and M4742

Tip Over Hazard

Dear Valued Consumer,

MDB in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is conducting a voluntary safety "recall" of the Emily and Ryan 4-Drawer Dressers. When a young child climbs up on open dresser drawers, the dresser can become unstable and may tip over and suffocate a child trapped beneath the dresser.

The "recalled" dressers were sold from January 2006 through June 2010 for between $230 and $300. The model number and manufacture date are printed on a label located on the back of the dresser.

Emily 4-Drawer Dresser
Ryan 4-Drawer Dresser

These dressers were manufactured to meet voluntary industry standards for tip over then in effect. In November 2009, that voluntary standard changed and manufacturers of chests and dressers needed to include a wall anchor strap and warning label with future dressers. To reduce any tip over risk, MDB is providing a free kit with a wall anchor strap and warning label for its older dressers. You can order the kit from our website, themdbfamily.com/safety2, or call our toll-free number (888) 673-6652 Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT.

Thank you for helping us make sure that your MDB product is safe.

The MDB Family

Important Reminders

  • Install drawer child-proof latches inside the drawers to prevent your toddler from opening them. Most children try to climb on the dresser or stand up by using the drawers for leverage, making the dresser top heavy enough to tip over. Latches also prevent your child from smashing his fingers in the drawer. Purchase these latches in the child safety section of any baby department.

  • Tether the dresser to the wall to prevent it from toppling over. ALL our dressers come with anti-tipping kit included for this purpose. If you don't have these on hand, you can secure the dresser to the wall using L-brackets attached to the sides and top of the dresser.

  • Place heavy and most often used/played with items on the lowest shelf and in the lowest drawer, putting progressively lighter items in drawers from the bottom up.

  • Place any items that may be of interest to a child within easy reach so they are not enticed to climb for it or reach for it.

  • Do not place items on top of dressers that children may want to play with or that they use. It only tempts them to climb to reach them.

  • Do not place items you do not want your child to have within their sight but out of their reach (or even out of sight and out of their reach if they know where you put it) as they are likely to try to climb or reach for it.

  • Even if your furniture are secured, check the safety straps frequently to be sure they are still secure. They can come loose or parts can break over time, especially if exposed to sunlight or increased pressure.

  • Never open more than one drawer at a time. Pulled-out drawers can shift the weight of the dresser and cause it to fall over.

  • Do not overload drawers.

  • Drawers should open and close smoothly without sticking. Yanking on a stuck drawer can also cause chests, dressers or cabinets to topple over.